McKeown clarifies health care issues and collaboration principles for local Utah government leaders

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“Rich McKeown made a complex subject interesting and comprehensible,” remarked Carlton Christensen, Salt Lake City Council member and current president of the Utah League of Cities and Towns. The Finding Allies, Building Alliances co-author addressed members of the league during their annual convention on Thursday, September 12, 2013.

While his remarks focused on the current state and trends in health care, McKeown linked key collaboration principles into his hour-long remarks before a standing-room-only audience at the downtown Salt Lake City Sheraton hotel. He stated that fundamental changes in US demographics, economics, and the political sphere are creating a new level of uncertainty in the health care system. In order to cope with that uncertainty, public and private sector organizations will need to network together and build collaborations to solve common problems. “He broke down the information in such a way that it made sense at the local government level,” Christensen observed. “We all saw a new paradigm for health care coverage.”

“His research, particularly the future-focused information, was fascinating,” commented Mayor Dan Snarr, Murray City, Utah. “Rich is a realist and he knows how to get people engaged in the process to make principles-based decisions.” Seth Perkins, Assistant City Manager of Spanish Fork, Utah, called the presentation “engaging” and appreciated learning from the facts-based information.

Doug Macdonald, president and chief economist at Econowest and former chief economist for the Utah Tax Commission, was impressed by McKeown’s experience creating collaborations. “We need alliances to help us make informed decisions for the critical issues we face today,” said Macdonald. “I appreciate that Rich provided all of us with insights to a process designed to create confidence in ourselves and in our abilities to solve problems.”

McKeown, Governor Mike Leavitt, and other health care and collaboration experts are members of LP Health Speakers who offer thoughtful, compelling, and relevant commentary. For more information, click on the Leavitt Partners link at the top of the home page or call (801) 538-5082.

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