Implementing lessons learned from Finding Allies, Building Alliances

win-win orientationIn all the stories of high-level alliances presented in the book, you’ll see how crucial the eight elements of collaboration were to their success.

With these eight elements, Mike Leavitt and Rich McKeown hope to provide you with the inspiration and the information necessary to be a better collaborator.

Whether you intend to convene a collaborative group or increase the effectiveness of one you’ve already joined, this book will help.

It will also assist you in determining which networks to join and which ones to avoid.

The field-tested processes found within Finding Allies, Building Alliances, are applicable to just about any type of collaborative group, and you’ll be encouraged by how this process creates lasting solutions to problems quickly and effectively.

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  1. I am interested in the strategies suggested for implementing the eight elements that take them from ideas in a book to action within the group. I am a retired military officer and implementation was always the biggest challenge.

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