Finding Allies, Building Alliances is a collaboration investment guide

collaborationDespite the best efforts, some alliances fail. Finding Allies, Building Alliances is, in part, an “investment guide” aimed at giving anyone contemplating joining an alliance the tools to evaluate whether it’s prudent to get involved or to decline participation.

By using the 8 elements of effective collaboration and identifying gaps, individuals can ascertain if there will likely be gaps in the capacity for success.

The challenge for organizations of any type or size is the ability of its members to understand that the 8 elements outlined in Finding Allies, Building Alliances are essential ingredients in participating in or creating a value alliance.

For instance, there must be a uniting common pain that is big enough to matter and small enough to confront. Likewise, convening the value alliance by the right convener to include the right people is critical.

Whether the alliance is big or small, our research indicates the elements that lead to success appear to be universally applicable.

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