Finding Allies, Building Alliances earns 5 stars in initial reviews

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The first reviews are posted on Amazon and Barnes & and readers rate the new book by former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt and Rich McKeown five out of five stars.

One reviewer on Amazon wrote that Finding Allies, Building Alliances is “the definitive book on alliances and collaboration. In a succinct 200 pages, they initially provide a ‘101’ primer that seamlessly evolves into a post-graduate curriculum replete with their real-life alliance experiences.”

The reviewer continued, “I thoroughly enjoyed the last three chapters wherein they outline how to maximize one’s participation in collaborations. In particular, I thought Chapter 10 on ‘collaborative intelligence’ was both instructional and fascinating.

“I highly recommend Finding Allies, Building Alliances. As the authors suggest, ‘once sensitized to the existence of value alliances, you will begin to see them everywhere.’ This book will better prepare you to optimize your next collaboration; either as a leader, convener, or active participant. Excellent read!”

On the Barnes and Noble site, a reviewer writes, “This is a great book for anyone who wants to understand how to work with groups to solve a common problem. I enjoyed reading how Mike Leavitt uses his extensive personal experiences to support his common-sense approach to making groups–or collaborations as he terms them–work better and more efficiently. I highly recommend this book.”

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